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At australian freight companies we offer customers the most competitive freight rates, the lowest shipping charges and the most efficient delivery and courier services all under one roof! We offer our customers an array of the most attractive delivery services for all freight movements- both national and international. Our freight comparison and booking system is highly unique and offers customers the simplest and easiest booking procedures for all their freight needs. We guarantee the most efficient delivery for all your freight items from the lightweight items like bags to fragile items like crockery to the heavy and bulky items in crates and suitcases. Our fleet of specialized vehicles ensures that your parcels reaches its desired destination in the most cost-effective and secure way possible through our reliable modes of sea, air or road transport.

Through the use of our highly specialized freight tool or QUICK QUOTE form we can help you get the most economical freight rates in seconds! For most online freight booking can be an extremely tiresome and tedious procedure but at australian freight companies, we offer the simplest and most efficient booking system for all your freight:

  • Accurately package your item in suitable bag/box/crate or suitcase form. Make sure that all the contents in the package are tightly secured with none rolling around.
  • Go to the URL: australian freight companies and make an account.
  • Type in all the relevant details pertaining to the parcel weight, quantity, dimensions, the delivery and pickup country along with their respective postcodes. Make sure that all the data is filled in as precisely as possible with no chances of error as this will cause greater delays further on.
  • Choose from the selection of carriers that are presented to you by taking into account important factors such as reliability, affordability, shipping charges and speed. Choose the best carrier that meets almost all your specifications.
  • Proceed to the payment center and make the payment for your transport service through credit cards. Be sure to use only Master card, Visa or American Express as all other will make the transaction void. Be sure to enter the CNV number and expiry date of the card to avoid any future complications.
  • Check to see if you have received the confirmation email.
  • Print and sign the labels emailed to you and attack these on each parcel according to the delivery location. Make sure that you have the consignment note for deliveries within Australia and the customs note for deliveries to all international locations.
  • It is as simple as that!

Be sure to be clear about all details when entering this relevant data, if any queries and problems are come across do not hesitate to contact us through online chat, telephone or email. As our dedicated and experienced staff works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you are sure to get back instant replies to all your problems without any undue waits. Moreover we have provided various videos giving detailed information regarding the booking and packaging procedures that can help you if you face a serious dilemma and are unable to contact us. These videos outline a detailed and step by step method for booking online freight and not only give you a greater understanding of the booking process but for first timers are the quickest way of sending shipments anywhere in the world with just a few clicks!

At australian freight companies, along with the most competitive freight rates we also provide you with some of the best freight delivery and courier services in the industry today that can cater to all your shipment needs. They include: Deliveries within Australia and abroad, excess baggage service, postal deliveries, furniture removals, container hire, container moving, the most economical freight rates in real time, same day delivery service, overnight freight delivery service, air cargo service, assisting and advising services, online auction freight, ebay packing and shipping, domestic and international freight and collection/pick up services from home, office or a university campus. All the services provided above outline the most secure and efficient means of transporting your goods to their desired destinations.

Worried about your parcel’s current location?

Don’t Be! For the first time ever, provides you its valuable tracing and tracking feature for monitoring all parcels during different locations of the journey. From the point of pick up to the point of delivery you can keep tabs on your particular parcel and monitor its location via satellite.

Our network of carriers comprises of some of the best delivery services in the world known today recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, service, expertise and efficiency. The major players our website links you too includes: UPS, BFO, FedEx, Australian Air Express, Australia Post, TNT, AAE, Hunters Express and DHL. With these transport companies we can assure that your package is in the safest of hands and will reach the delivery point speedily and effectively with the least time and money wastage.

Book with us today and save millions of dollars! Avail from our wonderful opportunities and enhance your business volume! Bookmark our site so that you can avail our top quality services for all your future freight movements!

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